Today is notable for two reasons. First, our stop in Stavanger has been cancelled due to bad weather. A large low pressure system has developed over the Norwegian Sea and we need to outrun it if we are to get above the Arctic Circle. The captain has advised that if we dock in Stavanger, the Island Princess may not get out again.

So, the itinerary has changed slightly. We’re steaming north quickly for an extra day. We’ll be docking in Trondheim on Saturday instead.

The second incident of note is that Linda ran me over with her mobility scooter for the first time. I was holding a door open for her when the scooter lurched sideways on the lintel – and straight onto my foot. Unfortunately she was laughing so hard, she couldn’t free me immediately. *

* CORRECTION: Linda didn’t free me. I had to do it myself. Which she found even funnier.

Top tip: Always stand BEHIND a mobility scooter when holding a door open. Or get crushed. Your choice.

In fact, Linda is still laughing uncontrollably about this incident several hours later <shrug>.