We have seen the Aurora Borealis a couple of times over the past few years, usually somewhere up near the Arctic Circle. Last night we were lucky enough to catch sight of the Northern Lights from our own back yard in Eastern England.

And it was spectacular.

A picture of the Aurora Borealis looking north west
Looking north west
A picture of the Aurora Borealis looking north east
Looking north east

Obviously, it is incredibly rare to see the Aurora Borealis this far south. Even more so to see this level of colour and detail. As always, Norway and Iceland offer a far greater chance of seeing the phenomenon in real life, but sometimes even the UK gets lucky.

If you happen to be in the UK, you can monitor Aurora activity with the AuroraWatch UK app. It’s free and will even alert you to heightened activity (when you are most likely to see it).

Fingers crossed we get to see the Aurora again in July as we head to Greenland and Iceland.

*Note: Neither of these photos of the Northern Lights has been altered in any way. They were captured on an iPhone 14 with the low-light Night Vision mode enabled.