After a fairly rough night, we dock in Tronheim where it is very wet and windy. And as we look at the town from our balcony, wet snow begins to fall. Sideways.

Unused to the mobility scooter, particularly in inclement weather conditions, we decide not to take a trip into Trondheim. We’re not sure what to see, so why bother getting cold and wet just to wander around a city we hadn’t intended to visit in the first place?

A view of dark grey clouds over Tromso city centre
Eventually it stopped raining – about the time we were due to leave port

Instead we set up in the Lotus pool area on the top deck of the Island Princess. It’s not particularly warm, but the main deck is swimming in rainwater. With fewer people onboard, WiFi connectivity has picked up so I am able to crank through some tech copywriting projects.

Eventually it did stop raining – about the time we were due to leave. The wind blowing up the fjord is biting and brutal – and we need a tug to pull us back from the quay. Rain clouds continue to brush the surrounding hills, dumping freezing droplets on the ship.

Sailing back towards the Norwegian Sea we pass Munkholmen which may have been interesting, particularly for dark tourists.

A picture of Munkholmen, a small island just off Tromso
Unassuming and historic, Munkholmen sits just off the Trondheim shoreline

Relatively small, Munkholmen has been many things over the years, including execution site, prison, fort and monastery. Which is pretty cool. If we ever come back this way, we’ll probably pay it a proper visit.

The storm we have been avoiding is still making itself felt as we exit the fjord. The swell has decreased a little, but the ship continues to pitch and roll throughout the night.

Just before bed, the sky clears a little and we catch our first glimpse of the Northern Lights!

Our first tiny glimpse of the Aurora Borealis
As you can see, the sea was quite rough overnight!

Next stop, Tromso…