This morning we were awoken at 6:30am by an announcement over the cabin PA system. Due to a Portugal-wide strike by maritime harbour pilots we will not be stopping in Ponta Delgada today after all. Which is quite annoying because we are right outside the port, the city clearly visible just a few hundred metres away. But apparently it is illegal to dock without a local pilot on board, so…

Humiliatingly, a jet passes overhead coming in to land at Ponta Delgada, mocking us as we pull away from the island.

…so instead we have an unexpected sea day. Which we will spend doing absolutely nothing. This gives me an opportunity to comment on the most unlikely travel news story of the day.

Luton Airport is the Best UK Airport

According to a report out today, Condé Nast Traveller magazine readers have voted London Luton Airport as the UK’s best.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Surely this has to be a joke. In our experience, Luton has to be one of the worst airports in the world. It’s probably even worse than Stansted – and that’s saying something.

This raises two questions. First, what is wrong with Condé Nast readers? I thought this was a well-respected top-tier travel journal.

Second, have any of these readers actually been to Luton? The fact that London City, the UK’s fastest and most efficient airport, was voted into second place confirms that this poll must be some kind of prank.

Top tip: London Luton Airport is 35 miles – and 90 minutes drive – from central London. Which is even further out than Gatwick. Skip Luton if at all possible, it’s a dump.