And so we’re off again, this time headed into the Arctic Circle ‘chasing the Northern Lights’ on the Island Princess via Norway. Because we have a few days at sea to start the voyage, what follows is a collection of random observations and tips…

It is worth noting that because Linda is currently using a mobility scooter, this trip will be quite different to those in the past.

  • Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27 is still comfortable and relatively good value for parking.
  • The taxi driver tried to charge me £22.80 for our pre-paid transfer to the Mayflower Cruise Terminal. Not cool.
  • Using the assisted boarding process was seamless, fast and hassle-free – except for security which was still a complete nightmare. Highly recommended.
  • Our suitcases did not arrive at our cabin stateroom until a few hours after we left port.
  • Our cabin stateroom on Aloha deck 12 is perfectly pleasant although there seems to be slightly fewer drawers and shelves. I prefer PR712.
  • The deck overhang means that we may struggle to see the Northern Lights from our balcony.
  • It is possible to perform a 5-point turn on a scooter in the lifts – so long as the elevator is empty!
  • The power points in the cabin stateroom have been engineered in such a way that you can only use one of the two supplied on the desk. There are two additional sockets under the bed, but you will have to unplug your bedside lamp if you want to use them.

This will be our third trip into the Arctic Circle this year, our first on a dedicated chase for the Northern Lights. And it looks like there might be some snow on the way!