Today there was some early good news – the captain has managed to secure a proper berth alongside the dock in Isafjordur. We had previously been advised that this would be a tender port. As we dock it becomes clear why – the municipal council has been investing heavily in extending their docks for use by cruise ships.

Which is weird. Isafjordur is a town of approximately 1000 people and there is virtually nothing to do here. There are two large ships in today, disgorging up to 4000 visitors…

Isafjordur is tiny

This is our second visit to Isafjordur this year and we saw almost everything last time, including the accessible geocaches.

Top tip: Watching planes coming into land at the local airport is fascinating, requiring pilots to fly down the fjord and then perform a very low-level 360º turn to line up with the runway.

Following a cryptic comment on a geocaching log, we did find one new thing to look at:

Yes, a floating pedestrian crossing. Linda and I spent quite a while playing around and posing for photos while other cruisers walked past completely oblivious. They must have thought we were crazy, jumping around in the middle of the road.

Photos done, we headed back towards the dock for a stop at the Dokkan Brugghus, a local brewery. It’s not cheap, but they always have twelve fresh beers on tap to try.

The Skarfur Stout is excellent

Top tip: The brewery gets very busy with cruisers, so if you order food, it may take quite some time to arrive. Some of the tours arranged by the cruise lines also seem to finish here for lunch.