As predicted, we can see Sky Princess from the window in room 505 – and it’s huge. It also looks quite close, which is exciting.

Less exciting is the melée in the hotel foyer. There are cruisers and suitcases everywhere, all waiting for taxis to take them to the port. It is total mayhem, a potentially stressful start to the day.

We pre-ordered our taxi for 10:45 – it turns up well after 11am. Fortunately it is a large van which means there is plenty of space for our luggage and the mobility scooter. Not so cool is the fee – £15 for a 0.9 mile trip. I now wish we had walked to the dock.

The Ocean Cruise Terminal is also mayhem with thousands of people and suitcases spreading in all directions. Even the ‘priority boarding’ queue for Platinum and Elite guests is crazy long. Thankfully the assisted boarding service allows us to escape the worst of it.

Once on board, we remember – Sky Princess is huge. Really huge. Longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall huge.

And that’s actually not a good thing.

Sky Princess is huge. And that’s not a good thing

The ship has the same number of lifts as Island Princess – but there is another 1000 passengers to transport on Sky. Worse still, the lifts at the aft section of the ship are actually smaller than those on the smaller ship. We have great difficulty getting into a lift with the mobility scooter because they are always too crowded. Linda is not happy.

Top tip: The lifts at the rear (aft) of the ship are slightly less crowded. Sometimes.

When we finally get to our ‘Premium Deluxe Balcony’ cabin stateroom we’re thrilled by the double-size balcony. Sky Princess is huge – in some aspects. The rest of the cabin stateroom feels a little small however. There are fewer drawers and shelves for storage than in other rooms we have had. The additional sofa is nice, but everything feels a little little. Once we get to the Caribbean I am sure we will appreciate our super-size balcony more.

Tomorrow will be a day at sea as we head towards the Azores. The crossing of the Bay of Biscay should be fun at this time of year 😀