After last night’s light show, there’s not much more Nanortalik needs to offer. Which is just as well because this town is tiny.

There are two surprises when we arrive ashore on the tender. First, there is a sizeable queue of cruisers waiting to return to the ship. Second, it looks like the entire town has turned out to greet us.

This lady just wanted to show off her traditional Greenlandic outfit

There are people selling handmade beaded goods, seal fur, cross stitch and various other trinkets all along the road through the town. It also seems that anyone who owns a musical instrument is putting on their own impromptu concerts outside their houses.

I leave Linda to enjoy the sun and head towards the church where there is a geocache, hidden in a field of massive scattered boulders (GC4JHR9).

There is one pub in town which is doing a roaring trade. Disappointingly they only sell Danish and Belgian beers, so we give it a miss. Out the back, two men are selling local food from a large tent. Sadly I have no cash, so I have no idea what the food actually was.

Top tip: You will need cash for just about everything in Nanortalik – especially if you want to buy something from the locals. Most accept US dollars or Danish Krone. There is a bank in town but it is only open two hours each day (not Sundays) – and there is no cashpoint.

There is also a tourist centre of sorts where you can buy souvenirs, including some awesome looking sealskin boots. They do accept card payments here.

Definitely not cheap, but they look very warm

Otherwise, there is literally nothing here to look at except the scenery.

Once done, we join the queue for the tenders which now extends from the port and up the hill into the town. The dock is so small there is only room for one tender at a time, so the queue takes two hours. Thankfully the cheerful locals continue to sing and entertain, but it’s a very, very long wait.

When we finally make it back on board, we spot a small whale swimming straight towards our balcony which is a nice surprise.

Greenland has been absolutely spectacular and I’m glad we came. The mountains, icebergs and pretty coloured villages have been great and I wouldn’t mind visiting again one day. I just wish I had managed to get a stamp in my passport.