Greenland is receding fast and we’re back out in the Atlantic where the sea is getting a little rougher. The pool inside the conservatory is closed as water sloshes all over the deck.

During his daily address the Captain tells us that he and the ice pilots(!) have never experienced three days in a row like we just had. The weather was fantastic – sunny and warm – with clear skies and no rain. We are blessed.

After dinner we go to the Princess Theatre to watch the cast perform The Secret Silk on its debut performance. Set in China, we are treated to a song and dance extravaganza that includes some impressive puppetry, a tale of a man who rescues a trapped crane and later squanders the blessings he receives in turn.

It’s not every day you get to see a giant luminous green dragon onstage. In fact, the cruise director suggests that the performance was nearly cancelled 15 minutes before the curtain went up due to technical concerns.

Although impressed, it’s the kind of show we would only watch once (unlike Rock Opera). So we’ll probably skip it next time we’re on Island Princess.

It’s now a straight sail back to Southampton, a journey that will take four days.