Today is one of the highlights of Princess cruises – the cooking demonstration. The ship’s head chef and Maître d’ cook some dishes on stage and make a show of clowning around. At the end of the cooking part of the show, some of the chefs and waiters come out for a thunderous round of applause. We are also treated to an absolutely astonishing performance by one of the waiters who belts out an opera tune – and he’s far better than the professional singers we have witnessed in the shows onboard.

Afterwards we get a tour of one of the 17(!) galleys on board. It sounds stupid – and it probably is a little silly, but we love the opportunity to see behind the scenes. We also get to meet some of the crew who work tirelessly out of sight. Despite the long hours and thanklessness of many cruisers, these unsung heroes look like they enjoy their jobs.

It’s not unusual to hear the kitchen staff singing as they work

We discover there is one escalator on the Island Princess – and it is in the kitchen, allowing waiters to serve two dining rooms quickly and efficiently.

Afterwards, we head out on deck to watch Albert, our waiter from the Elite lounge, doing his ice carving show. It’s his last day on board before the end of his contract, so he makes the most of it:

And that is pretty much it. Tomorrow morning we will wake up back in Southampton 🙁