We love Christmas markets – and cheap trips. Usually combining the two to arrange a cheap Christmas market trip is as easy as finding a unicorn.

So how about a three night break in mid-December for less than £275?

Right now you can book return flights on Ryanair from London Stansted to Gdansk between 12th and 15th December for just £56.30.

A screenshot of some Ryanair flights to Gdansk where they have a cheap Christmas market
Super cheap flights to a super cheap Christmas market

Using Booking.com, It is possible to find a very decent apartment in the old town for around £115, bringing the total cost to £271.30*.

Which is a bargain by anyone’s standards.

I know we keep banging on about Gdansk, but it’s a really pretty, interesting city. And the Christmas market is routinely rated as the best in Poland – and one of the best in Europe.

Move quick though – flight prices will rise as more people book this deal.

UPDATE: All of the tickets at this ridiculous price have now sold out. There are still a few bargains, but you will need to travel at the end of November to take advantage of them (which is not particularly Christmassy in my opinion).

* As always, flight prices will increase when you add things like luggage, seat selection, priority boarding etc etc etc. To achieve the cheapest Christmas market trip, try travelling with nothing more than a Ryanair approved carry-on bag.