In the age of online video, you may wonder why there are no vlogs on Journey into Darkness. But there’s a couple of really good reasons we don’t do video blogs:

Vlogs are boring

Have you ever watched a cruise junkie video? *Yawn*

We’re not into filming ourselves

Yes, Ben briefly trained as an actor, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy filming ourselves.

Missed experiences

It is impossible to fully appreciate any experience when you’re concentrating on lining up your next shot or framing composition. Yes, you captured something for your travel vlog, but you exist outside that moment. Your impressions, feelings and observations are second-hand, gathered through the viewfinder of your video camera – which makes for a less balanced or interesting review.

Ease of finding useful information

Youtube, Instagram and TikTok may be among the most popular websites today, but it is always waaaaay easier to find useful information in text form. You can search text for what you want and get a result – not so easy when the info is buried two-thirds of the way into a 40 minute monologue about balcony seating arrangements.

And if you’re really old school, you can even print out the tips you find on Journey into Darkness.

Just no

Do you know how obnoxious vloggers are?

A picture of a Go Pro camera used for recording vlogs
If you see a cruiser brandishing one of these, there’s a good chance they are filming vlogs