At some point overnight, Linda remembered she wants to get a new pair of silver hoop earrings (the pair she bought from Amazon were deceptively labelled plated junk). During our visit to Nesebar, we spotted a decent looking Bulgarian silver jewellery shop called ‘Argento’ at no. 14 Mena Street (I’ve just tried to add it to Apple Maps), so we decide to make another trip to the island.

This time we caught a bus direct from Flower Street to Nesebar Old Town (2 lev per person). The bus drops us right at the gates to the ancient town, so it’s only a short walk up the hill to Argento. 

A picture of Nesebar city walls which are just a few hundred metres from the Bulgarian silver jewellery shop, Argento
The Nesebar town walls are really, really old.

We spent a lot of time looking at Bulgarian silver jewellery – rings, earrings, bangles and more. The young man running the store is the son of the jeweller. He is incredibly helpful and he explains each of the various pieces we look at. Lin chooses a pair of silver hoop earrings and a large silver bangle that has been beaten and chased with traditional Bulgarian motifs. At their request, we agree to pay cash in return for a larger discount.

The jeweller’s son takes me to a “trustworthy” ATM at a nearby bank branch where I am not charged any commission or charges for using my Revolut card. He tells me that the local media has been running news stories about the ubiquitous blue-and-yellow Euronet ATMs that are everywhere in Sunny Beach. Not only do they charge extremely high commission rates (~20%), but no one seems to know who owns them – or whether they are skimming cards of unsuspecting users.

After the Bulgarian silver jewellers we stop for a beer in the Nesebar square. Who doesn’t like a cold beer in the shade on a very warm day?

A short bus trip back, a quick cocktail by the pool and it’s lunchtime. Afterwards we head back to the Aquapark for the last time, trying out some of the larger waterslides.

A picture of a waterslide at Action Waterpark in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Big slide, big fun

After dinner entertainment tonight is karaoke. Enough said.

Top tips

  • Ask the bus conductor if they are going to “Nesebar Old Town” – otherwise you may end up having to walk from the new town which is also known as “Nesebar”.
  • Stay away from the Euronet ATMs – even if they are legitimate, you will still end up paying far too much commission. This advice applies to Euronet ATMs everywhere – not just Bulgaria.
  • Don’t forget to return your pool towels to the Spa on your last night before 7pm. Otherwise you may be charged for not having a “Pool Card” when you check out the next day.