At some point in the night, Sky Princess pulled a 180º and started heading back to the Azores. Apparently there was a medical emergency and now we need to evacuate the patient to a hospital on land.

The Captain tells us this at 7am over the cabin stateroom loudspeaker. Linda and I had been wondering why we finally had some sunshine on our balcony.

A few hours later we see a helicopter flying low towards the ship. The patient is winched from the top deck and the Sky Princess performs another 180º, resuming her journey west. Sick 360 Captain Fortezze!

Because the weather is so nice, we spend a few hours in the afternoon sat on deckchairs in the ‘secret’ area on Deck 7. Linda snoozes while I catch up on some work. It’s all very civilised and quite relaxing.

By 11pm we have made up the ‘ground’ lost by doubling back on ourselves. Which means that we have effectively wasted the day we lost on shore in Ponta Delgada. Unlike the moaners on the Sky Princess Facebook forums, we’ve had a good day though – and we hope whoever it was airlifted off ship makes a quick recovery.

Apparently we are still going to arrive in Antigua on schedule on Monday though…