We’ve been to Rotterdam several times before, but the sunrise journey into port is always quite spectacular. The golden morning light turns an industrial jungle into something really quite beautiful.

Because we have already seen most of Rotterdam’s highlights, we had planned to catch the metro up to The Hague today with a view to doing an escape room. However, we decide to take it easy instead, venturing ashore and limiting ourselves to the Rijnhaven area adjacent to the cruise terminal.

There’s plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars in the area, and for a while we watch a group of young and trendy people filming some kind of advertisement. We then busy ourselves hunting down a handful of geocaches with varying degrees of success.

Top tip: The Rotterdam Cruise Terminal is located in the city. It is a short walk over the Erasmus Bridge into the main shopping area and there is a tram stop and metro station nearby. There is no need at all (unless you have difficulties walking) to use any of the paid-for shuttle services.

Afterwards we head across a footbridge to the Fenix Food Factory located in a converted shipping warehouse. Herein lies the Kaapse Kaap taproom with 30+ local beers to try. It takes a while to pick one, but in the end we both find something we enjoy.

Beer sampled, we head back to the ship. The sunshine is nice, but it’s still very chilly!

The ship sails in late afternoon and we get to enjoy the sunset over the Europort petroleum depot. It sounds awful, but the view is still incredible.