We’re heading out to see the Kiss concert in Prague tonight, so we decide to take it easy again today. After breakfast and a film, we go for a wander to grab a beer – the weather is quite warm. We wander over the (crowded) Charles Bridge and grab an outside table at Restaurace Gotika. It’s nice to sit by the water and watch the boats going up and down the river Vltava.

After a few more hours lazing and doing nothing, it’s back on the ‘B’ metro out to the O2 Arena. This venue is much bigger than the Universum, and regularly hosts ice hockey events, alongside larger concerts like Kiss.

Just like its smaller brother, the Universum, the Arena is clean, well-priced and doesn’t smell like piss (still looking at you London). Again, beer is just 55 CZK (less than £2) – in London it is nearly £7 per pint.

Kiss are predictably awesome. Our seats are stage side so we don’t have the best view – but we can feel the heat from every fireball and pyrotechnic effect. This is the second time we have seen the band and they are just as good as they were pre-Covid.

Something strange happens at the end of the gig though. The band play their encore and disappear. A message flashes up on screen (‘Thank you Praha’) and God Gave Rock and Roll To You begins to play on the PA – but the crowd is frozen. No one quite knows whether the show is over because they haven’t played Crazy Crazy Nights.

But the show is over and we leave feeling somewhat cheated.