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We’re in the Feedspot Top 100 Travel Blogs!

Although we officially launched in September 2023, Journey into Darkness has been more than a year in the making. So when Feedspot emailed to inform us that this blog has been identified as one of the Top 100 Travel Blogs we were rather thrilled.

Admittedly we’re only number 74 on the list of Top 100 Travel Blogs, but this still feels like a massive achievement. Particularly when you consider how crowded the travel blog niche is.

So it’s a big thank you to you, our readers, and to the Feedspot panel who selected Journey into Darkness. And please do share a link with your friends and family if you come across a useful tip that may help them.

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Travel plans for 2024…

It’s January 1st and normally we would have some kind of travel plans for 2024 in place already. A gig abroad, a city break with our boys etc etc.

However, 2024 is set to be a little more unpredictable. Linda’s hip replacement is scheduled for mid-February which is great news. But it also means we won’t be travelling before then – or for some weeks after either.

We do have a Princess cruise booked for July, sailing from New York to Southampton via Greenland and Iceland. Hopefully we will be able to fit in a few more trips once mobility is restored. Like seeing Krampus at the Salzburg Christmas Market for instance. Or doing some escape rooms in Poland.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping the blog updated with other travel-related news, advice and anecdotes. Maybe you’ll soon see an advert for an unwanted travel mobility scooter too.

The Warsaw Gambit – Have You Read It Yet?

Journey into Darkness is a travel blog. However, I am also a professional writer – I even have to work on the road sometimes. But that’s just part of having the best job in the world.

In between family life, customer projects and this blog, I have also managed to complete my first ever novel, The Warsaw Gambit.

It only took 45 years.

From the blurb:

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Europe is in chaos. NATO refuses to get involved. 

Faced by overwhelming military might and dwindling support from its allies, Ukraine is about to fall. And the rest of Eastern Europe could be next. 

Then a long-dead Cold War era double agent makes contact with his CIA handler, sharing a secret that could end the war. So why does no one want to act?

Taking the initiative, the Polish government arranges a simple mission with a team of five volunteers. All they have to do is find – and kidnap – the Russian president.

But time is running out…

It’s a thrilling action adventure novel – even Linda enjoyed it.

The Warsaw Gambit is available now exclusively on Amazon. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download and read for free.

Order your copy of The Warsaw Gambit here.

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